Apostle James Francis is Senior Pastor of New Generation Ministries and founder of James Francis World Ministries ( as well as  20Somethings Kingdom Youth Ministry, New Generation Wealth Institute and many other kingdom educating and advancing entities. Apostle James is an end time relevant apostolic voice. He is also founder and President of Kingdom Financial Consulting. Apostle James has been given cutting edge relevation and strategy concerning finances and the preparation of leaders and ministries for a mass movement and worldwide kingdom advancement via proper positioning and curriculum in the arenas of kingdom economics, including investing, prophetic training, advanced intercession, worship, and kingdom leadership skill sets.

Apostle Rick Daniels of Covenant Community Church in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Dr. Rick Daniels imparts leadership to a  global network of kingdom organizations, initiatives and individuals designated as Creative Apostolic Covenants. Dr. Daniels primarily functions as the  senior pastor of Covenant Community Church, a present truth reforming church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dr. Daniels is recognized internationally as a power teacher emphasizing subjects related to the Kingdom of God. The Apostolic Reformation, and the Transforming Thought of the Believer.    (read more)

Apostle Ivory Hopkins of Pilgrims Ministry of Deliverance, Georgetown Delaware

Apostle Ivory L Hopkins is the founder and overseer of Pilgrimsí Ministry of Deliverance, Inc. in Georgetown, Deleware, which he and his wife, Evelyn founded in 1983. Since that time, the Church has become one of the largest, fastest growing churches in the area. Apostle Hopkins travels extensively throughout the United States and foreign countries ministering in his own special unique way resulting in thousands of changed lives. He flows powerfully in the ministry of deliverance, the prophetic, church structure, and leadership development. Apostle Ivory Hopkins also serves as Apostolic Mentor and Pastor to New Generation Ministries and Apostle James Francis.

Dr. Paula Price, author of "The Prophet's Dictionary and The Prophet's Handbook, Paula Price Ministries in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dr. Paula Price is a former sales and marketing executive, Paula blends ministerial and entrepreneurial applications in her ministry to enrich and empower a diverse audience with skills and abilities to take kingdoms for the Lord Jesus Christ. A lecturer, teacher, curriculum developer and business trainer, she globally consults Christian businesses, churches, schools and assemblies. She has over a 20 year period developed a superior curriculum to effectively train Christian ministers and professionals, particularly the apostle and prophet. Dr. Price is author of the Prophet's Handbook  (read more)